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Gun Violence and the Peaceful Old Soul

I said after the last massacre that there’s really nothing I can add to what’s already been said about mass shootings in US schools. However, after yet another slaughter, I feel it’s important to firmly declare where I stand on gun violence.

I’m against it.

Of course, you’d say, no one’s in favor of gun violence.

Right. Just like no one’s in favor of domestic violence.

And here’s my analogy. If I said, “I’m totally against domestic violence,” I’m sure you’d agree with me.

But if I said, “I’m totally against domestic violence but…you know, sometimes they leave you no choice…” then I hope you’d be rightly appalled.

I’m a pacifist, and have been since I joined the Peace Pledge Union when I was a teenager. I’m opposed to violent aggression whether it comes from a soldier, a school shooter, or a domestic abuser.

And I believe it’s important for old souls to see beyond the sophistry of the NRA, or those who believe that arming yourself with military-grade weaponry is a right and that imposing strict regulations on guns is some kind of attack on personal freedom.

Gun bans clearly work. Just look at Australia. No guns—no school shootings.

I also believe that it’s the responsibility of spiritually conscious older souls to take an idealistic approach to ending gun violence. Domestic violence is not okay in some cases. Neither is gun violence.

Old souls should be the ones to say that killing another human being is never acceptable. Click To Tweet

The US spends billions of dollars every year on building bigger bombs and manufacturing more guns. What if that money was spent on developing non-lethal alternatives?

If guns are essential for self-defense, then what about making ones that do that without taking a life?

No soul comes to the Physical Plane with the intention of ending another soul’s life. Souls are non-violent and peace seeking.

Violence is never spiritual. No war is just. And no school shooting can be justified by arguing that these things happen, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

The NRA thinks liberals want to take their guns away. And many liberals protest that they don’t.

In the interest of total clarity and transparency, let me state very clearly that I’m one who does.


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    DEBI SAYLOR says:

    Thank you! My adult daughter and I were having a discussion today. IF we continue to allow politicians to do nothing, and don’t vote them OUT, then we are also to blame for doing less than we must to stop the violence and the senseless slaughter of innocent lives. Politicians who respond with “thoughts and prayers” for the victims and their families …without REAL and SPECIFIC ACTION to prevent future tragedies are unforgivable and make a mockery of condolences that appear meaningless!

  2. Josee Posen
    Josee Posen says:

    While I’m generally neither left wing nor right wing, liberal or conservative, on this issue, I am totally in favour of gun control and taking away the guns. We have gun control in Canada (a lot closer than Australia!) , and generally little gun violence– or at least far less than the US. When I lived in Florida for several winters, I was constantly amazed that a society that regulates dog walking and property ownership so harshly still lets any idiot buy guns,…….

  3. Fiona Cartmell
    Fiona Cartmell says:

    I joined the PPU as a teenager in Aberdeen too!
    I remain committed to pacifism and agree with all you said in your post. Looking on from the UK, the whole gun lobby trope in the USA looks INSANE. And it’s hard to see why those who support gun carrying can’t do the math when these terrible tragedies occur. May peace prevail on Earth.

  4. Jared Andolsek
    Jared Andolsek says:

    I’m in total agreement with your opinion Ainslie MacLeod and will stand by your side in support of it!

    Peace and love


  5. Teresa Fiore
    Teresa Fiore says:

    These mass shootings are a form of drip torture. Another method of mass oppression, exploitation, and enslavement. I am committed to pray this is the “last hoorah”, or the pinnacle of their power, for level 5 souls. With just the slightest bit more maturity, the mass consciousness scales in this country are bound to tip towards level 6. I am beginning to see it happen in my daughter’s generation. They think and vote differently than previous generations believing they can change things because it is reinforced by social media all the time. They see change can happen when one individual takes a stand. When this rise in consciousness happens in mass, we will have gun control. It will be an indicator we are maturing as a country. In the meanwhile, I continue to thank all the beautiful souls who have died so violently that we may see clearly. Travel well our departed children and friends please know that you are deeply loved and appreciated and your sacrifice will not be in vain.


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