Do You Have a Favorite Soulmate?

Do You Have a Favorite Soulmate? – Video

Is it possible to have a favorite soulmate?

Do you feel like you’ve had more than one soulmate in this lifetime?

In my last video blog on soulmates, I talked about how it’s possible to have more than one soulmate, and why that happens. Life can be tricky, and our best-made plans on the Astral Plane don’t always follow the script once we’re here on the Physical Plane.

So having more than one soulmate agreement in place is a bit of a practicality in our soul’s pursuit for knowledge and learning through experience.

But what about having favorites? Is there such a thing as favoring one soulmate over another? This is just one of the questions I answer in the latest video for my soulmates series.

I’ll also talk about what happens if your soulmate dies, or your relationship ends before the lesson in love is complete. And whether souls have the ability to connect with their soulmate again in a future incarnation.

Check it out in the video below.

Fascinating stuff, this past life work!


So, do you have a favorite soulmate? And will you be meeting him/her again in the next lifetime, do you think?



Well, people worry all the time that if their soulmate dies, or if the relationship breaks up, that they’re not going to meet somebody else. That that was their one opportunity to meet that soulmate, or to have a soulmate in their life.

But the reality is that we have multiple agreements all the time. So, we may have quite a number of soulmates. Old friends, ones you’ve known in previous lifetimes, that will come along and want to be with us in this life.

Is it possible to have a favorite soulmate? Absolutely! There are soulmates – old friends and soulmates – that come together, that hit it off more than others. Sometimes because you’ve had really good experiences in a previous lifetime.

And sometimes you just really enjoy the company of one particular soul more than a lot of others. Very often, there’s no karma, so there’s an easy going kind of feeling about the relationship. So yeah, we kind of have favorites.

You can run into the same souls over and over in multiple lifetimes. And souls do this deliberately all the time.

One wonderful thing is that, along as it’s by agreement, and it’s mutual, then if you really hit it off with someone in this life, and they’re a part of your soul family, they’re a soulmate, you can make an agreement to be together in a future lifetime. And it will be honored when you go to the other side.

Most of the agreements that we make between souls are done on the Astral Plane before we come into this particular lifetime.

But, things change. And we do have to recalibrate sometimes, and change the plan. So, we can make agreements with souls as we go along. Your soul is able to do that.


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  1. Fiona Cartmell
    Fiona Cartmell says:

    Wishing you two soulmates a happy and joyful honeymoon!
    Love and greetings from Derbyshire to you both.
    Hope to catch up with you some time in the UK in this incarnation, Ainslie. From your old friend, Fiona xxx

  2. Renée
    Renée says:

    Dear Ainslie,
    Thankyou so much for sharing so much with us in your newsletters. Regarding the above, do you mean we make agreements on earth as well and are they honoured over future lifetimes?

  3. Florence Claypooke
    Florence Claypooke says:

    I love that you wrote about this! I often joke with my hubby that he is the best husband I have ever had. (He’s my first husband in this life time) I also love that you can promise to come down together again. I feel we’ve been together many times and hopefully we can have many more adventures together.
    I hope you’re having a wonderful times with your favorite soul mate on your honeymoon. ♡♡♡


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