Donald Trump for president? At the time of writing, Donald Trump is leading the race for the GOP presidential nomination. For some spiritual insight into the personality and behavior of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, psychic guide Ainslie MacLeod asked his spirit guides for their opinion. “Insane by any definition of the word,” they told him.

Join Ainslie MacLeod, internationally acclaimed, psychic guide, spiritual teacher, and award-winning author as he offers insights from his spirit guides about the young-soul Donald Trump running for president in 2016.

This video is part of Psychic Guide Ainslie MacLeod’s Past Life Stories series.

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Donald Trump for President – Insane by Any Definition of the Word

Video Donald Trump Presidential Elections – Insane By Any Definition of the Word

Video Transcription – Donald Trump for President? 
Insane by Any Definition of the Word

At the time of writing, Donald Trump is leading the race for the GOP presidential nomination. For some spiritual insight into the bizarre mind of presidential candidate, Donald Trump, I asked my spirit guides for their take. “Insane by any definition of the word,” they told me. “Trump is a liar, a racist, and a ruthless narcissist,” they added. (This was delivered as a statement of fact based on his behavior, and not intended to be simply pejorative.) They pointed out that if you had a relative who acted the way Trump does, you’d seriously question their state of mind. This young soul, a level-5 leader type*, suffers from severe soul-level damage. The cause is a fear of rejection from abandonment in a past life. This has resulted in a closed heart chakra. In other words, his conscious self has detached from his soul. What you see in Trump is all ego. His delight in bullying, and taking advantage of others, is a sign of mental illness. When I asked if he’s a narcissist or sociopath, the answer was that he’s both. Like any narcissist, Trump has an elevated sense of self-importance. He brags about his wealth (and exaggerates it, too), and he’s not exactly shy about telling the world what a great businessman he is. And have you noticed how he puts the massive word “Trump” on everything he owns? Pure ego. Trump claims the Mexican government has a policy of sending drug users and rapists to the U.S. This is pure, unadulterated nonsense. As is his claim that he has a plan to destroy ISIS, which, with uncharacteristic modesty, he doesn’t see fit to share with the rest of us. When people get in his way, he crushes them using bully boy tactics and intimidation. (See the documentary You’ve Been Trumped.) His sense of entitlement means that no one who might obstruct his ambitions can be allowed to get away with it. They must be obliterated. Those who offend him risk becoming the focus of Trump’s vindictive personal attention. (Selina Scott is one of them.) Though he shows callous insensitivity towards others, he can be extremely touchy when he feels slighted or threatened. He has a history of issuing legal threats against anyone who anyone who offends him. When Bill Maher likened him to an orangutan, Trump immediately slapped him with a $5m lawsuit. Trump is a loose cannon whose prejudices reflect the fears of younger souls. His hatred of minorities validates the fear of “the other” that is a mark of less experienced souls. And since young souls lack the ability to intuitively recognize when they’re being manipulated, he’s able to channel their anger to his advantage. In a predominantly young-soul country like America, there’s an almost automatic admiration for celebrities. That makes it a lot easier for Trump, whose political notions are often half-baked and unexplained (like how to pay for an almost 2,000 mile wall on the southern border) to thrive. For many young souls, Trump is worthy of great admiration simply because of the size of his bank account and his willingness to push less powerful individuals around. He proves his strength by his willingness to utter the words, “You’re fired!” and in doing so, makes his young-soul admirers feel empowered. That such a damaged soul is respected and not pitied is a sign of a dysfunction that’s the marker of a predominantly young-soul society. It’s incumbent upon older souls, the ones who see through the smoke and mirrors of bluster and buffoonery, to stand up to Trump and his ilk. No one should be afraid to call him on his lies, or to promote a more honest and compassionate alternative. The spiritual path is one of unity, respect and understanding. Not one of greed and self-interest masquerading as rugged individualism. And old souls help no one when they stand by silently. This self-important scoundrel would be scary to have on the local PTA. But he’s running for the highest office in the country! One good thing, however, to come from his quest for glory is that his willingness to say what others only dare think has won him the endorsement of David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, and that has helped to highlight the true, fear-based nature of conservatism in America. If Trump were your crazy uncle, spouting off about building walls to keep rapists out of the country, calling women fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals, and unable to take a joke about his comb-over, you’d keep him hidden in the back room when people came to visit. Donald Trump is a mean-spirited, racist, vulgar, cruel, damaged soul. Donald Trump for president? If he were my uncle, I’d have him locked up. *For a description of soul ages and soul types, see The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended. Selina Scott talks about Donald Trump: Trailer for You’ve Been Trumped: